Lough Derg: the Westside Story and Woodford: A guide to its sights

Lough Derg The Westside Story includes a detailed map of the Woodford area, information on heritage aspects such as ancient stone monuments, religious sites, castles, big houses, flora and fauna and leisure activities of the area.

Woodford A Guide to Its Sights provides an illustrated account of places of interest in the Woodford area and also includes a detailed map of the village.

Clanricarde Country and A Forgotten Campaign

Two well-researched texts concerning agitation during the land war of the late nineteenth century.  These publications also include insightful articles on popular cultural practices and social developments (both are currently out of print).

2012 Calendar

The East Galway Family History has scanned and made available historical photographs donated by the Woodford community at the Woodford Heritage Centre.   Additionally the Society has for the past number of years published annual calendars containing many unseen photographs of the area and hope to continue to do so in the future.  Pictured to left and below are the front covers of the 2013 and 2012 calendars respectively.

The 2013 calendar is bi-lingual and all photographs used in this publication are at the minimum 50 years old with the oldest photograph printed circa 122 years old.

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